Guyana Oil & Gas Outlook 2020

The small South American nation of Guyana struck it lucky in 2015 when Exxon Mobil announced the discovery of oil at the Liza field 200km from the coast, which has the potential to produce 700 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Following the Liza discovery, further finds have seen estimated reserves rise to 4 billion barrels per day, with 2024 production expected to ramp up to 600,000 barrels per day.

This would put Guyana in the top 10-20 oil producers in the world and this is a country with a population of only 800,000. The oil & gas revenues are set to flow in 2020 and planned re-investment will revolutionise the country, which suffers from poor road connections and electricity, whilst locals are already joining the workforce to assist in the oil recovery.

Hillview Research have written the Guyana Oil & Gas outlook 2020 to track the activity of the 10 key operators in the region and the report also has economy, licensing and political updates, culminating with an infrastructure overview and strategic considerations for companies interested in the opportunities available.

The full report is 3,300 pages long and is available here: